The Touring Family

When you book a tour with The Touring company, you will be spending the day with founder & owner Ali Rodgers, or her husband Ryan, who has a degree in Enology & Viticulture (i.e. wine).

Ali grew up in the Bay Area, and moved to Walla Walla--where her father was born--when he started a winery here in 2003.  Ali worked at her family's winery (Dumas Station) until she started The Touring Company, in 2018.

Ali has been traveling internationally since she was 6 months old, and has always had a penchant for new experiences and meeting new people. After having a baby in 2017, she wanted to stay close to home and spend more time with her family, but missed meeting new people through travel. After her father sold their family’s winery in 2018, Ali started The Touring Company to continue to meet new people and share her wine knowledge with them.

Ali's husband Ryan joined the team in 2019. Ryan has a degree in Enology (winemaking) & Viticulture (grape growing). While personable (that’s why she married him), he’s also geeky enough to answer all of your wine questions.

Our Touring Vehicles

During your day of touring, you will get to relax in one of our comfortable and roomy touring vans.

  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van: 11 guest capacity

    • Layout: 1 person up front (shotgun), two rows of 3 people, and 4 in the back row

  • Luxury Sport Minivan: 6 guest capacity

    • Layout: 1 person up front (shotgun), 2 in captains chairs in the second row, and 3 in the back row (cozy)

  • Stereos are Bluetooth enabled to listen to your favorite tunes from your phone

  • Cooler available to keep your wine at the right temperature

  • Air conditioning & heating to keep you comfortable

  • Seat belts available for every passenger, plus baby seat latches if needed

  • Note: due to our licensing, alcohol cannot be consumed in the vehicles

We don’t own any limousines because if we were going on a wine tour, we wouldn’t want to be show up in a limo. Also, these vans are easier to get in and out of than a limousine, and have more room for wine purchases!

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